live lectures to keep Nature Beautiful, online presentations to edu-tain people why protecting Nature is helping them. Online science classes, to keep water clean, to see the big picture. Peter Bonenberger & Marianne Bonenberger are guest speakers, often celebrity speakers who give science based lectures as entertaining education, as scientific research publication. Over decades they accomplished an archive of lectures, lessons, presentations, distance learning web-media. Peter Bonenberger, Marianne Bonenberger have informed as keynote speakers. Peter Bonenberger is president and founder of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation was asked as celebrity speaker on environmental protection related events. Live lectures with Microsoft windows media programs: protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth = human protection, conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection. Learn online about nature conservation, how to secure your future, how to stay alive with violent weather, floods, earthquakes and storms. Life on earth depends on plants, that produce oxygen, provide food. Nature conservation keeps Earth beautiful
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Destination lecturers Peter + Marianne Bonenberger

Lectures in English and German
Founders of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation
International charitable nonprofit organization 501 (c)(3)
Lectures about Countries, Nature, Geology, History
Educators Peter Marianne Bonenberger, volunteers, lecturers, presenters of Nature related topics giving a lecture. Lecture on cruise ship
Science conservation education online courses 2014 Bear Springs Blossom Master Conservationist: Updated nature education + environmental studies: A Master Conservationist studies biology, physics, chemistry to understand what happens in nature, understands water issues, knows nature conservation, water education about water pollution, knows how to change climate change, how the human body, the blood circle works, what greenhouses gases do to nature. members take responsibility. Master conservationists: Education with certificate learning how to put ratio over emotion to solve problems like changing climate, greenhouse gases, deforestation, air pollution, water contamination, water conservation, soil erosion, urban sprawl, population growth, depletion of natural resources. Master Conservationists give help, give presentations to all audiences, advice on environmental issues. Becoming a master conservationist gives knowledge to be a land conservationist, Nature conservationist, a real Nature lover, environmentalist, protecting creation
Guest lecturers Peter and Marianne Bonenberger will give you the understanding how Nature works, citing facts.
On Earth all things are connected, need each other to let the whole system function!
Many public speeches have helped many open-minded people to see the 'big picture'!
Peter and Marianne Bonenberger have visited over 85 countries. Marianne Bonenberger has studied Pedagogy at the University of Augsburg, Germany. Peter has a degree in business. Peter and Marianne have published several books and brochures, and have given presentations all over Earth. As Master Conservationists they researched the impact of human and cultural developments. They are the founders of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, an international charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to Conservation education. They have published more than 1000 articles, abstracts, and several books. In the last 10 years they have given over 380 lectures on many different cruise ships.
Lecture Earth
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Education Award ceremony for Peter Marianne Bonenberger in Austin Texas at Texas Parks and Wildlife for nature education online and in presentations, for outreach and example of environmentally friendly biota. Conservation education presentations online, on ships, in your city
They got the Lone Star Land Steward Award in the category 'outreach + education' Lone Star Land Steward winners Peter Bonenberger + Marianne Bonenberger, category outreach + education, education lectures and online classes about environmental issues

Conservation education Guest speaker Peter Bonenberger always starts with a saying from Albert Einstein. Aspirations are directed toward ennobling man's life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom. Look deep into Nature and you will understand everything better - citation Albert Einstein

Some of Peter + Marianne's edu-tainment lecture titles:

1) Italy – La bella Italia - once ruled the world changing all cultures on Earth
Birthplace of explorers, geniuses, and of course home of the pizza

2) The Mediterranean Sea – cradle of civilization
Bordered on the north by Europe, the east by Asia, and in the south by Africa

3) Med in Passion - thousands of years have created a
    special culture in the Mediterranean area filled with hospitality

4) The beautiful Coral reefs - a wonderful ecosystem
The basis of marine life and sea food

5) Spain - its history, great architecture and great wines
A country that is unique throughout the world for its diversity and natural richness

6) Portugal – once a world power where the sun never set
Lisbon and Porto – famous harbors through history

7) France –Art, love, music, champagne and wine – very special juices
Paris the capital of l’amour, Louvre, laissez-faire and Loire

8) Watching for Whales and Dolphins on the Atlantic Ocean
Can whales think faster, hear better, talk to each other?

9) Italy and its volcanoes. Why do mountains and volcanoes come up there?
Why does Earth has so many mountains and volcanoes?

10) Ocean Water – Fresh Water – real special juices
Essential for humans – needed for life on Earth

11) Trees – why do trees exist? How old can they get?
Some rare some rugged – producing oxygen, changing Earth climate

12) Our natural World – Nature all expressions of mathematics?
How does life on Earth work, by accident or by algebraic expression?

Keynote speaker Marianne Bonenberger on stage at end of presentation with standing ovation, lecture about British Columbia
Standing ovations for Destination speakers Peter & Marianne

13) England - the largest country in Great Britain with London as UK-capital
Get impressions from English, Scottish and Irish cities

13b) Scotland - rich history, the highlands and lakes and monsters

13c) Iceland - waterfalls, geysers, volcanoes, and moon-like landscapes

13d) Norway - Sweden and the Baltic Sea

14) Temperate rain-forests and tropical rain-forests
What is so special with these ancient trees?

15) The Atlantic Ocean, and its northern part, history and marine life
A longer journey all the time, but crossed by man and animal
00) The Indian Ocean - history, seafarers, islands, harbours on its coasts.
00) The Pacific Ocean - large and full of water and stories, famous islands, and the ring of fire
16) The beautiful Coral reefs of the Caribbean - a wonderful ecosystem
The basis of marine life and sea food

17) The Panama-Canal - great engineering history through tropical rainforest
17b) The Suez-Canal - a channel through a desert - daily used by many ships
18) The Caribbean Islands - wonderful Nature - volcanic origin

19) South America - all its states with many faces

20) Brazil - biggest country of South America - mountains - rain-forest - carnival

21) Chile - thousand islands, glaciers, volcanoes, deserts

22) The Andes - the longest mountain range with volcanoes on Earth

23) Argentina - land of the living wind and Buenos Aires Home of the Tango

24) The Falkland Islands - an island for Nature lovers

25) British Columbia - mountains, lakes, ice, and the gold-rush

26) India - a subcontinent full of history, Mumbai, Kochi. and the Himalayas

27) Africa - dessert - Savannah - wildlife - volcanoes
27b) The Canary Islands - volcanic origin - wine + flowers - mountains + beaches

28) Water - fantastic chemistry - essential for life
Life is water dancing to the tune of macro molecules

29) The Universe - expression of mathematics?

30) The perfect plan - Mathematics in Nature

31) Passion for Trees - amazing structures with important tasks

32) Air - invisible but heavy - needed but mixed

All lectures have been presented in English and German language.
Naturkunde Wissen Deutsch
Think about how wonderful our Earth was created...
Peter and Marianne offer science based Conservation education!

Lecturers speakers Peter Bonenberger and Marianne Bonenberger use Powerpoint in their lectures about whales, lectures on tropical rainforests, temperate rainforests, lectures on oceans, mediterranean sea, lecture how why to recycle, nature conservation, how to organize a green meeting, lectures on climate change, global warming, lectures about geology of the Texas Hill Country, sustainability, pacific ocean, geology lecture on mountains, why volcanoes on earth exist, all environmental school programs for adults + kids, entertaining and edutaining Peter Bonenberger and Marianne Bonenberger PowerPoint lecture about whales, lecture on tropical rainforests, temperate rain-forests, lecture on oceans, Mediterranean sea, trees, water conservation, lectures about mountain building, sustainability, pacific ocean, geology lecture on volcanoes
Peter and Marianne Bonenberger giving a lecture
for 800 teachers and professors from Canada.

Peter + Marianne Bonenberger's presentations are based on science, history with sayings from Galileo and Einstein, Earth's environment easy explained, often called educational entertainment, knowledge to enjoy, to think about, updated education to provide a better for your family, children, grand kids
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve in the southern Texas Hill Country, online lectures about endangered species, science classes, distant learning science lecture on renewable energy as wind energy + solar energy, native plants + wildflowers, erosion control, water conservation Presentations about climate change, sustainability, water, recycling,
Wind power, solar energy, oceans, rainforests, and coral reefs.

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Peter and Marianne Bonenberger, board members of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation NGO Peter and Marianne Bonenberger, Award winners category education

Understanding the natural world can be fascinating!
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Conservation Education (CE) is the combination of two words that have become one word to educators.
CE is the ability to give people opportunities to grow in knowledge and create changes to their life style and their environment,to have a better life, to have a safer future!

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