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these men have changed life on Earth with their philosophical thoughts and writings. Studying Buddha, Confucius, Plato, Aristotle, Archimedes, Montesquieu helps to better understand, to see the variation of human behavior, to understand how important it is to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future to have a better life!
A few of the many famous men in history


a sculpture of a famous man from Asia: Conservation education provides better and deeper knowledge and helps us to have a better life
Born: 09/28/551 BC
area of Zou, todays Qufu in China.
Died: 479 BC buried in Kong Lin cemetery

For many Chinese Confucianism is like a religion,
The teachings are of secular nature.
Confucianism includes ideas of an afterlife
talks about the Heaven, and
the nature of souls.
Confucius had knowledge about astonomy and
astrology, one of his statements:
"Heaven sends down its good or
evil symbols and wise men act accordingly".


BSB science Philosophy education online: photo Mahatma Gandhi, Indian politician and philosopher
"an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

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We have tried to give you a little glimpse of some of these famous men that ever have lived on Earth.
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George Orwell's book 1984

BSB research and external studies clearly show that almost all terrorists have very low education levels.
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