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Logo of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization Signature of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization Online distance learning: BSB Environmental conservation education online:  Earth's birds do a lot of good, but roadrunners and other birds are threatened by emissions, pesticides, violent weather. Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation BSB offers science based nature education on biology, the human body, blood, the human skeleton, the human brain, flora and fauna on Earth.  Bear Springs Blossom Nature Education online shows the beauty of cardinalis. Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth = human protection, conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection. Millions of years earth balanced a natural environment. Conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection through affordable conservation education online to keep nature beautiful. BSB-research + how to keep Nature beautiful + how to secure our future + how to have a better life! Keep Earth Beautiful
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Greater Roadrunner - Geococcyx californianus

Science Biology online education: Roadrunner male bird at Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve porch looking for shade during an exceptional drought, to clean up feathers, at Pipe Creek Texas, protected by Bear Springs Blossom nature conservation easement
Porch-runner looking for shade at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve, TX
Oh, sorry - running on our porch, its still a roadrunner!

Roadrunners belong to the Cuculidae family.

What are you looking - Yes I made it into the internet!
Conservation education native birds: roadrunner, a typical Texas bird, often running instead of flying
There are 2 species of roadrunners:
The Lesser Roadrunner G. velox
which is slightly smaller, with less streaks,
found in Mexico and Central America
and the Greater Roadrunner found more in the North.
Roadrunner's height: ~ 56 centimeters = ~22 inches
Weight about 300 grams = 10.5 oz
It is a cuckoo, the largest
in North America.
Roadrunners have a bushy crest
have long thick dark bill and a long dark tail.
Often you see some blue streaks on the front.

When you see one, you know why it got its name roadrunner.
Racing down roads in front of moving vehicles looks
like fun, and inspired the famous cartoon Road Runner.
Sometimes you can see a roadrunner with food in its beak
Biology fauna: roadrunner caught a lizard, food chain intact
roadrunners are tall, long legs, run fast and cry cuckoo
distribution of greater roadrunner Geococcyx californianus

When you look for the nest of a
Greater Roadrunner you have to look for a platform of sticks, often low in a cactus or a shrub.
38 eggs are found in the nest
It takes ~ 20 days for the young roadrunners to face the hot sun.
The chicks leave after about 18 days.
Science Biology online education: roadrunners are often seen birds on Texas caliche roads

Geococcyx californianus abandon their chicks after a few weeks
Roadrunners catch and eat rattlesnakes,
insects, scorpions, lizards, other snakes,
rodents and other birds.
They have been seen hunting together and share the food.
During the winter the roadrunner adds plant material when other animals become scarce.
They can run up to 20 mph.
Another name is Chaparral Cock.
Roadrunners can live with small amounts of water, because they absorb water from their intestines.
Unusual also the a nasal gland that removes salt from their bloodstream.
As you know, humans do that with their kidneys.
Also unusual are the four toes on each roadrunner's foot.

The Roadrunner is the state bird of New Mexico.
What can YOU do to help birds?
You can cut down on your pesticide use. Pesticides harm every living being, small ones faster... Humans often get sick while coming in contact with pesticides.

Humans changed the environment for all birds, so they need our help to survive!
A) to survive all the threats:
B) industrial agriculture
C) toxic chemicals
D) deforestation
E) urban sprawl
F) more violent weather

HELP: Every person can make a difference!

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Nature always provides balance to all life on Earth - Work with us so humans can learn online and understand!
Mother Nature has a great plan - humans just have learned a few bits of it.

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Science education psychology online courses, online teaching, learning online to have a better life: I don't care, so what, why me? Bear Springs Blossom online education school offer worldwide affordable online education programs. Arguments why to care, why understanding what happens on Earth, how nature works, how to solve global problems. Nature conservation protects life + your children. BSB international Nature Conservation + Nature facts explain online in distance learning courses how sustainability works Update your knowledge online. Why? Coming changes are a real threat. BSB helps to keep nature beautiful, to protect water supplies with Nature conservation online. BSB main task: international affordable nature education online with environmental news. Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation has a worldwide education program, offering the understanding what happens on Earth, how nature works, how to take action, solve global problems like climate change, international air pollution, water contamination, soil erosion, high levels of greenhouse gases. Nature education to protect science based Nature Conservation, based on a sustainable, eco friendly life style leads to a better life in a sustainable environment. Education = knowledge prepares for coming changes + challenges
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