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Online distance learning: BSB Environmental conservation education online: BSB offers science based nature education on biology, the human body, blood, the human skeleton, the human brain, flora and fauna on Earth. Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth = human protection, conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection. Millions of years earth balanced a natural environment. Conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection through affordable conservation education online to keep nature beautiful. Bear Springs Blossom research + how to keep Nature on Earth beautiful + how to secure our future + how to have a better life with a healthy body!
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Blood - a closer look

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You have cut yourself - a red sap drops out:
Blood - a fluid that circulates in the vessels of your body!
BSB Biology: blood cells are an important part of human blood Blood cells
Bear Springs Blossom Affordable nature education online: blood circles through the body of every mammals
To pump blood through all of our arteries and veins a good healthy blood pressure in short BP is needed. Blood pressure is one of the principal vital signs.
Blood consists of plasma + cells floating within it, carrying nutrients and oxygen to your body cells. Blood maintains the homeostasis of the body.
What does that mean?
You know that we always talk about balance in Nature. Homeostasis is a self regulation process, to reach a balance inside the body continuously compensating for external change.

To say it in other words: We are built to live in balance, blood helps our body to maintain this balance.

On this web page we just try to give you a little glimpse. Send us an email to learn more!
BSB Science education online: red blood cells in a human artery

All blood cells are produced in our bone marrow.
BSB Science education online: blood types have different chemical compounds
You surely heard about different blood types
0 + A + B + AB
As you can see in the graphic, there is not much difference. But when you get the wrong blood type in a transfusion you are in big trouble. Only blood type 0 is good compatible and when you look at the graphic you can see why.
BSB biology science education: every drop of blood counts, adult human bodies contain 5 liters
If we would drain all the blood out of an adult human body
about 5 liters = 5.3 US-quarts of blood would be in our bucket.
After spinning blood in a centrifuge
it looks like this:
Bear Springs Blossom Conservation education online: blood looks different after spinning in a centrifuge
You can see the three main ingredients:
Plasma + Buffy Coat + erythrocytes

Plasma is the liquid that transports all the ingredients,
as river water transports fish and algae.
Dissolved in our blood plasma are electrolytes, nutrients and vitamins, hormones, protein, chemicals to clot the blood when you have an open wound. And there is immuno-globulin in the blood, also called antibodies who fight infections or intruders.
Biology: human body education: blood ingredients seen in an blood artery
That's the way blood ingredients are pumped through our blood vessels
BSB Biology human blood: blood platelets, white blood cells, red blood cells in an artery
Blood transports many things - an important one is oxygen.
Blood brings nutrients to every cell in our body.
Blood takes the oxygen while been pumped through our lungs.
Affordable science education online: blood takes oxygen from tiny capillary vessels in our lungs
Blood also carries away waste products.
As you know, we are breathing in oxygen, we are breathing out CO2 - carbon dioxide

You all know the machine that does the pumping
education online on health issues: heart is the engine pumping blood through all our body. Blood is transported by the heart in all mammals
when the human head does not get enough blood, we get unconscious. Blood is transported by the heart in all mammals
Our heart - a strong muscle pumping blood, quart by quart, as long as we live ...
When our heart beats our blood pressure varies between a maximum = systolic and a minimum = diastolic pressure. A healthy blood pressure number is 120 to 75

Look how many blood vessels support our brain!
If we don't get enough blood supply
into our head
we get unconscious!
Science graphic of a human body with arteries and veins from the Latin word vena
Graphic of a human body with arteries and veins
to transport blood

Science graphic of a human body with arteries and veins from the Latin word vena
Additionally humans have a lymphatic system
to transport lymph fluid

Conservation education on body liquids: blood different cells
But not always blood is well organized.
When we don't get enough water or have an illness blood clots can appear.
If one of these clots clogs up an artery or vein, especially in our brain, we are in big trouble!
blood clots can be deadly, when clogging up important blood vessels

BSB conservation education online: blood from a tree, tree sap has similar functions as our blood, under the microscope you see this picture, some think this is proof that the same engineer has worked on trees and humans BSB Biology: blood cells floating in our blood, humans need blood cells for different functions, nature education explains
Look at these pictures:
What could that be?

Below you see again human blood cells
The greenish photo shows tree sap
Tree sap provides the tree
with nutrients and hormones.

What does the human blood do?

Is it possible, that the same
'Engineer' has worked on both saps?

Healthy blood is very important for all life!
What can we do to keep our bodies healthy?
Eat in balance, drink in balance, don't smoke,
don't use illegal drugs!
Train your brain as you train your body!
Enjoy life - enjoy Nature!
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation has a great mission:
Information + Education for all who are interested in education.
Marianne Bonenberger director of education
Peter Bonenberger president

offer conservation education online!

Think about and see how wonderful our Earth was created..
Lecture Earth

Update your knowledge having a better life!

 America schools offer environmental education, but many do not believe in man-made changes - - In Great Britain England people see the changes happening to their country, but there are only a few who explain how earth works - - Canada is a country full of potential. With a good education system, but conservation education is still missing. We need more help of the local people to keep Canada beautiful

Spain offers little to inform people how to keep earth beautiful - - - Indonesia cuts down a lot of trees. Missing nature conservation education leads to deforestation, water contamination, erosion problems because of deforestation, endangering marine life and humans. We need the help of the Indonesian people to keep Indonesia beautiful - - - China has a growing population, more energy, more food, keeping china beautiful is low on the to do list - - - India is a country full of potential. With a better education system and less corruption India could become number 1 in Asia. We need the help of the local people to keep India beautiful - - - German schools offer conservation education, but a lot of people are too busy to learn new things, do not think about to keep Germany beautiful
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CE is the ability to give people opportunities to grow in knowledge and create changes to their life style and their environment,to have a better life, to have a safer future!

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BSB members have free Nature education online courses. Science knowledge can be updated to nowadays knowledge levels in environmental science, biology, physics, chemistry with greenhouse gases, tips on how to conserve Nature with know-how. Facts about life help to avoid violent climate. Learn to reduce air pollution, greenhouse gases. Learn how photosynthesis works, what air quality means, read environmental studies on the human body, on the conservation of energy, forest destruction. International life is endangered by wrong doing. Eight spheres balance Earth for billions of years. Photosynthesis provides food supply for mammals, green chlorophyll to catch solar energy. Learn solutions to save Earth, reduce global temperatures. Greenhouse gases destroy plants, and help food plants to grow. Pollution can reduce photosynthesis, endangering life on Earth
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Conservation education on flora: to conserve trees, to plant new trees, to help a tree to grow, is one of the main tasks of a Master Conservationist. Why conservation education? Why is ethics responsibility so important? Why are the laws of nature still valid? Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation protects Nature providing conservation education, how fighting pollution, how efficient energy use betters our life. Environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel cells are green energy. Fuel cells lower air pollution, low greenhouse gases prevent droughts, floods, wildfires. Climate changed causes storms endangering life + well being of all life including humans. Nature conservation through science based Nature education saves money, makes happier healthier people. Goal: An educational website to protect humans now and in the future. Environmental solutions to keep Nature beautiful, conserve energy, lower pollution CO2, lower greenhouse gases methane, water body contamination to have a life with affordable food prices. BSB helps you to have a better life. Nature news for a better life. Mission: Conservation education. Peter Marianne Bonenberger give lectures, educational presentations to show why to protect Earth's Nature
BSB affordable Conservation nature education online: Interdisciplinary science education: water chemistry, water physics, natural water, international water conservation. update your education to have a better life with active conservation ideas
BSB Environmental website education: Distant science education online chemistry: air essential for life on Earth, air pollution, unhealthy air, understand international air pollution issues. Lectures presentation about greenhouse gases, about air chemistry, oxygen needed for life, carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis
Affordable conservation education on your computer: Science education classes + training courses online, on the internet: Pollution, water, air, soil, oceans, all ingredients are over polluted, connect environmental pollution problems with changes in food supply
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BSB Online conservation education Science Physics: Learn clean energy facts. Solar Energy essential for life on Earth, fossil fuel energy production causes air pollution, definition of fossil fuels, air pollution making life unhealthy, endangering future, poisoning human brains
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Distant science education geography: Environmental education for children + adults with Earth maps, maps of Earth, map of Earth from space, rain-forest map, earth carbon sink, map earth conveyor belt, earth map weather stations, maps of Asia, maps of Texas, maps of United States, map of Europe. Nature conservation through updated nature education can save Earth

BSB nature education based online distance learning course geography: global life on Earth endangered by greenhouse gases. Education on global issues as declining World species, global biodiversity endangered, international air pollution + droughts + floods; reduced life support by food shortages, higher food prices. International climate change on Earth map. Global Nature facts explain global issues threatening all humans, animals, wildlife, plants. Knowledge how to keep Nature beautiful, to understand global issues, Nature education courses are an affordable solution backed up by pollution facts, water facts, recycling facts, energy facts, how life works. All major religions order to protect earth, not to destroy HIS creation
BSB Environmental website education: Distant science education online: Updated Nature education: Why Nature Conservation? Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation protects Nature to save Earth! Nature conservation through Nature education with the goal to protect humans is the only solution to keep Nature beautiful. Constantly updated knowledge in science, biology, physics, chemistry, geography

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