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Logo of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization providing nature conservation education to all countries on Earth Signature of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization BSB Conservation education online: Learn to understand Earth's environment: Work with us to keep many countries on Earth beautiful. Look at all the different Trees. Trees help to reduce erosion. Erosion takes good soil away, less food can be grown and harvested. BSB members support education, but need upgraded conservation education to take action against erosion, non-native species to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future, to have a better life!
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BSB List of Trees

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Nature Preserve Tree list
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Texas native tree list

Tree-species at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve BSB
Pipe Creek - Texas - Bandera County

Ornamental Trees and shrubs

Acacia berlandieri - Guajillo
Aesculus pavia - Red Buckeye
Aesculus paviea flavescnes - Yellow Buckeye
Aesculus arguta - Texas Buckeye
Arbutus texana - Texas Madrone
Bauhinia congesta - Anacacho Orchid Tree
Brickellia cylinderaceae - Brickell-Bush
Cercis canadensis/texensis - Texas Redbud
Chilopsis linearis - Desert Willow
Diospyros texana - Texas Persimmon
Eupatorium havanense - Thoroughwort
Juniperus ashei - Texas Cedar golden cheeked Warbler, and endangered bird only breeding in the Texas Hill Country
Why do we show a bird in the tree list?
Because this little bird, called Golden cheeked Warbler, cannot exist without mature juniperus asheii.
Mature junipers because scarce, because humans cut them down, the bird is endangered because it is
difficult for him to find mature junipers!

Garrya - Mexican Silktassel
Leucaena retusa - Goldenball Leadtree
Prunus mexicana - Mexican Plum
Prunus serotina eximia - Escarpment Cherry
Rhamnus caroliniana - Carolina Buckthorn, Indian Cherry
Rhus lanceolata - Prairie Flameleaf Sumac
Rhus virens - Evergreen Sumac
Rhus triglobata - Aromatic Sumac
Sophora secundiflora - Texas Mountain Laurel violet-blue
Sophora secundiflora - Texas Mountain Laurel white
Ungnadia speciosa - Mexican Buckeye
Viburnum prunifolium - Blackhaw


Juniperus ashei - Ashe Juniper, Mountain Cedar

Shade Trees
Acer grandidentatum - Bigtooth Maple
Celtis laevigata - Hackberry
Juglans nigra - Black Walnut
Prunus serotina - Escarpment Black Cherry
Ptelea trifoliata - Wafer Ash
Qurcus fusiformis - Live Oak
Quercus glaucoides - Lacey Oak
Quercus texana - Spanish Oak, Texas Red Oak, Buckley Oak
Sapindus drummondii - Soapberry

Bauhinia congesta - Anacacho Orchid Tree
Berberis trifoliata - Agarita
Cercis canadensis/tex - Texas Redbud
Chilopsis linearis - Desert Willow
Chrysactina mexicana - Damianita
Lantana horrida - Texas Lantana, Calico Bush
Leucana retusa - Golden-Ball Lead-Tree
Acacia roemeriana catclaw, Roemer's acacia
Aesculus pavia var. flavescens buckeye
Arbutus xalapensis Texas madrone
Baccharis neglecta Rooseveltweed
Berberis trifoliolata agarito
Buddleja racemosa wand butterfly-bush
Ceanothus herbaceus inland ceanothus
Celtis reticulata hackberry
Cercis canadensis var. texensis Texas redbud
Chrysactinia mexicana damianita
Dasylirion texanum sotol
Diospyros texana Texas persimmon
Eupatorium havanense shrubby boneset
Garrya ovata var. lindheimeri (G. lindheimeri) Lindheimer silk-tassel
Juglans major Arizona walnut
Juniperus ashei Ashe juniper, cedar
Mimosa borealis fragrant mimosa
*Nolina lindheimeriana Lindheimer nolina
Quercus buckleyi Texas oak, Spanish oak
Quercus fusiformis plateau live oak
Quercus laceyi (Q. glaucoides) Lacey oak
Quercus sinuata var. breviloba scalybark oak
Prunus serotina ssp. eximia escarpment black cherry
Ptelea trifoliata wafer ash
Rhamnus caroliniana Carolina buckthorn
Rhus lanceolata flameleaf sumac
Rhus trilobata var. trilobata (R. aromatica) fragrant sumac
Rhus virens evergreen sumac
Salix nigra black willow
Ungnadia speciosa Mexican buckeye
*Vitis monticola mountain grape
* = endemic to (found only in) Texas roses bloom, mountain grape blooms, berries are sweet

Protect Earth with native plants and trees

Wildflowers and native grasses are needed

See the BSB native tree list

Update your nature education
biology botany chemistry all come together to create the beautiful colors of a sunset over Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve in the southern Texas Hill Country
Mexico environmental problems include not enough affordable nature conservation education to expand food production - Spain offers to little conservation education courses - - - Indonesia cuts down a lot of trees. Missing nature conservation education leads to deforestation, water contamination, erosion problems because of deforestation, endangering marine life and humans - - - China has a growing population, more energy, more food, nature conservation education is very low on the to do list - - - German schools offer conservation education, but a lot of people are too busy to learn new things

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Philosophy education: Does the law of nature change human brains? positively negatively? Learning new topics requires an open mind, knowledge to build on, the ability to ask why, where, how, open to environmental personal responsibility
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