BSB directory BSB Education BSB lectures BSB Mission Patient Earth Germany is a small country, but always had good map makers. Maps have helped many sailors to explore new countries, find new knowledge. A better understanding of Earth looking at maps of earth leads to a happier, better life
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Earth Atmosphere

Life on Earth
BSB Environmental conservation education online: Maps of asia at night. Bear Springs Blossom Nature Education + Conservation, protection of air, for all life, flora + fauna on Earth = human protection, because humans need healthy air. Science based Nature education about water + air on Earth = human protection, education of  soil on Earth = human protection. Learn online about nature conservation, how to update your knowledge, how to understand weather, floods, earthquakes and storms. Biology teaches that life on earth depends on plants, that produce oxygen, provide food. BSB Environmental conservation education online: Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation BSB offers science based nature education with Earth maps, BSB maps of the America, environmental education with an Earth pollution map, earth rainforest map, United States map, South America map, Central America map. Humans need Nature education to stay healthy, protected from chemical pollution. To understand Earth's natural environment we need to learn and study. earth is our only home, the blue planet we need to survive - Nature education on air. Get science based facts. BSB has to report bad behavior, destruction of nature, polluting air, soil and water, all the time. News on Ocean conservation + Water conservation is needed for protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth. News on environmental changes in oceans worldwide hint to the coming changes for humans. Nature conservation news tells you about Earth' environment. Environmental news to protect air + water + soil + food. BSB-research published in these news helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future to give people a better life!
Philosophy education: Does the law of nature change human brains? positively negatively? Learning new topics requires an open mind, knowledge to build on, the ability to ask why, where, how, open to environmental personal responsibility

Maps of Earth

Earth Views
Facts/Numbers about Earth
Earth's circumference = 40075 km = 24901 mi equator

See slide show: Earth from Space

Maps of South America

Maps of North America

Maps of Texas

Maps of Europe

Maps of Asia

Maps of India

Maps of the Philippines

Maps of Africa

Maps Oceania Australia
Conservation education science Geography online: Earth facts about diameter, circumference, info on earth's orbital speed, earth surface area, earth's land area

Science Geography Nature education online: Earth solar system - nature education explains how gravity works
Earth is part of our solar system
Beautiful from space. Look at Asia, the Philippines, Australia and the mighty pacific
Earth, the only home we have to live on ...

earth map. Graphic with facts about continents
Earth, the only home we have to live on ...

earth map. Graphic showing all Earth oceans
Earth map with red-marked glaciers
See photos how glaciers melt
Glaciers are very important for life on Earth
Billions of humans get their drinking water from glaciers

earth map. Graphic showing all Earth oceans
Earth map and name of its oceans

Earth countries in different colors. Graphic map of Earth with facts about where countries are located today
Earth countries in different colors
Earth countries in 2000. Graphic map of Earth with facts about where countries are located today

BSB Earth map: More people live inside this circle than outside
More people live inside this circle than outside

Earth map of countries using metric system
Earth map of countries NOT using metric system

Earth major volcanoes on Earth map. Graphic map of Earth with facts about where volcanoes are located on today's earth
Earth's major volcanoes

Conservation education explain why seven billion humans on Earth need food, but humans on earth are not supplying food equally. Warming climate changes food production. Graphic map of Earth with facts about where cropland is located today
Seven billion humans on Earth need food, but the right climate is needed to grow crops.
Graphic map of Earth with facts about where cropland is located today.

BSB Conservation education shows where on Earth green is growing, humans on earth need green plants to survive for their supply of food. Warming climate changes food production. Graphic map of Earth with facts about where trees and grasses can grow
Actual photos of Earth showing where Earth is green = has trees

Earth countries on graphical map of Earth

earth is warming. Graphic with facts about climate change through warmer temperatures
Graphic with facts about climate change

Science geography online: earth map with outline of Europe, Africa and the Asian plate
This is the shape of Europe, Africa, Asia

earth seen from a satellite in 1994 - beautiful blue planet
BSB maps conservation education online: Thats how Asia looks from space at night BSB-research helps to keep Earth beautiful + to secure our future to give people a better life!
Asia at night
BSB members want to protect this beauty!

earth map view graphic with longitude - nature education earth maps
Earth map with plane flying South

geographical earth map with weather stations. Graphic with facts about where wind and weather is measured
Earth map with weather stations

See all the mountains and lower areas on this earth map. Graphic facts about mountains and lowlands
Mountains and valleys are found everywhere on Earth

BSB earth map shows conveyor belt - currents moving around earth driven by Coriolis, salinity and wind
Earth conveyor belt - currents moving around Earth

earth is warming. Carbon is released too fast, oceans can hold carbon but get more acid
Earth map shows where carbon is produced

map of earth trees in tropical rain forests, only 7 percent remain
map of Earth's tropical rain forests

earth tectonic plates that float on Earth's surface. Map shows Earth's oceanic and continental plates in different colors
Earth's tectonic plates - their movements causes earthquakes

earth maps South America Maps of South America

US cities Maps of North America + US

earth maps Europe Maps of Europe

earth maps of Asia Maps of Asia

maps of India Maps of India

maps of the Philippines Maps of the Philippines

earth maps of Africa Maps of Africa

earth maps of Oceania, Australia Maps of Oceania

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BSB earth map shows tectonic plates that are moving all the time. See map how oceanic and continental plates are moving
Earth's tectonic plates are moving, see arrows from direction and strength.

earth from space. Astronauts live a dangerous life, far away from home. A good map helps to find home

Moon from Earth. Astronauts were once up there, no we found water on the moon, so people could live there. But they would see Earth like we see the moon

Earth facts + numbers

Ganges river

Nature Quotes

Earth's Geology

Solar system Earth

Climate Change

Global Warming

Global Dimming

Patient Earth

Life on Earth

Keep Earth clean

Why Keep Earth?

Earth's Oceans

Earth's population

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Earth's future?

Solar Eclipse

Earth's Spheres

Info about NASA

Earth from Space
BSB Information on Earth:
United States has many shore lines,as have many continents on Earth. Science geography:  an update nature education shows you the big picture
- Why is Earth called the blue planet?

- Why Earth has continents?

- Why Earth has earthquakes?

- Earth, the only home for Humans?

- Earth's solar system is special

- Why is Earth sick?

- Earth climate is changing

- Earth uncountable species

- Astonishing photos from Earth

- .....
Save Earth

See graphics of Earth's solar system

Read more about Life on Earth

Hear and experience the wonders of Earth

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Members of Bear Springs Blossom are volunteers
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Mexico environmental problems include not enough affordable nature conservation education to expand food production - Spain offers to little conservation education courses - members from Argentina help to spread the word of nature conservation, nature education - - - Indonesia cuts down a lot of trees. Missing nature conservation education leads to deforestation, water contamination, erosion problems because of deforestation, endangering marine life and humans - - - China has a growing population, more energy, more food, nature conservation education is very low on the to do list - - - German schools offer conservation education, but a lot of people are too busy to learn new things

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BSB Science conservation education online courses Bear Springs Blossom Master Conservationist: Updated nature education + environmental studies: A Master Conservationist studies biology, physics, chemistry to understand what happens in nature, understands water issues, knows nature conservation, water education about water pollution, knows how to change climate change, how the human body, the blood circle works, what greenhouses gases do to nature. BSB members take responsibility. BSB Master conservationists: Education with certificate learning how to put ratio over emotion to solve problems like changing climate, greenhouse gases, deforestation, air pollution, water contamination, water conservation, soil erosion, urban sprawl, population growth, depletion of natural resources. BSB Master Conservationists give help, give presentations to all audiences, advice on environmental issues. Becoming a master conservationist gives knowledge to be a land conservationist, Nature conservationist, a real Nature lover, environmentalist, protecting creation
Educational internet courses: Online education Master Conservationist curriculum: Main task of BSB international nonprofit organization is science based nature education, dedication to environmental education on the internet, on line training courses online to understand nature, how greenhouse gases change human's future. A biophysical environment defines physical, biological factors along with chemical interactions affecting an organism. Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation's worldwide education programs expand knowledge updated know-how what happens on Earth, how nature works, greenhouse gases, water pollution, air pollution, recycling, solve global problems like climate change, international air pollution, water contamination, soil erosion
Offline Nature education updated, online and public lectures as keynote speakers. Science lectures biology, physics lectures, nature presentations about mathematics, chemistry, science based climate change. Fun-filled multimedia lectures about nature in worldwide countries, Europe, ocean lectures, school programs, conservation nature education classes courses: Marianne Bonenberger + Peter Bonenberger, BSB Master conservationists + Lone Star Land Steward Award winners in category outreach + education. BSB Master Conservationists Peter Bonenberger + Marianne Bonenberger offer lectures and consulting, power-point power point presentations on conservation education: nature education is part of conservation education. Marianne Bonenberger + Peter Bonenberger use photos, video clips to explain why to live in harmony with nature. Lectures why oceans need protection, lectures on how to save rain forests, history lectures + what to learn from history, lectures on geology. College lectures about sustainability, rain-forests for science classes to secure healthy air + water. With BSB distant learning, online nature education + BSB master conservationist certificate you become an expert on international Nature conservation enabling you to handle coming changes, challenges, helping your family to survive
Educators Peter and Marianne Bonenberger, volunteers, lecturers, presenters of Nature related topics giving a lecture. Environmental education for children + adults

Affordable International Conservation education online is part of BSB worldwide conservation education program with environmental studies on nature, online courses on greenhouse gases, nature protection, nature education, climate change, geography, topography: How does Nature work? Why do humans use so much energy? Why records are broken, record wildfires, droughts, heat, water shortages, floods. Definition Nature education. Learn online how to take action, how to reduce greenhouse gas. Online courses explain how to solve global problems like climate change, air pollution, global warming, water contamination, soil erosion. Good international online Nature education to understand nature, nature conservation knowledge prepares for coming environmental changes + challenges as climate changes, pollution raises
WHY Education?
BSB Geology education: science of earth rocks. Geology, Cretaceous period, continental plates, Gondwana land. Warm shallow oceans with sea-life producing lime. Geology explaining movements of continental plates changing Earth, creating volcanoes, ridges
Former NASA employee Robert Taylor helps as Vice president and BSB Master Conservationist. NASA studies help to understand air pollution, climate change, environmental disasters. NASA space satellites provide information. NASA's scientists explain how climate change + pollution changes life on earth, destroying our world - NASA science video photo updates nature education
WHY wait? ACT now! Update your Nature education - Join + get personal advice + have a better life!
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