Sitemap Nature Quotes ? ? Biology Patient Earth Search BSB conservation educational websites with conservation education and with English tests for Spanish, China, Indonesia and Germany. Industry needs knowledgeable workers, that know about air pollution, water contamination, erosion. BSB promotes human preservation. BSB public learning facilities, workshops, online learning, internet courses with certificate on updated nature education knowledge, understanding the importance to keep earth beautiful, an updated conservation education to get a good job, to have a better life, to rescue the future of your children
India is a country full of potential. With a better education system and less corruption India could become number 1 in Asia. Better English with our English test helps to understand, but the coral reefs will be in decline   Hong Kong has good updated education schools. China has a few updated nature education programs. Air pollution, water contamination, river pollution are harming people. Natural resources dwindling, population growth, public school system with strong education demands
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Logo of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization providing nature conservation education to all countries on Earth. We have visitors from India, from China, and Indonesia, from the US and from Germany, France and Spain. Bear Springs Blossom provides knowledge, explains, answers questions. As a charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to education, we have built our 1000 webpages for people not for profit, providing educational web-pages, to see the big picture, learning online to have a better life, to be prepared. Biology teaches that bears once were part of the food chain, balancing Nature. Biology provides the understanding how life works on Earth, and what is good for us humans, and what can harm us and our children and grandchildren Signature of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization with the motto Keep Earth beautiful, offering conservation education worldwide. Bear Springs Blossom Conservation education online: Online distance learning Global issue Energy Waste: population growth, more pollution because of energy waste. An energy audit for every home, every company would help to lower emissions, to save people a lot of money, to help the environment, to give the next generation a better life, more security. Earth's children are endangered. Bear Springs Blossom History conservation education online Greenhouse gas: James Prescott Joule born 24 December 1818 died 11 October 1889. Joule was an English physicist. Joule studied the nature of heat, and discovered its relationship to mechanical work, how air and gases change life. He created the theory of conservation of energy, resulting in the first law of thermodynamics. A measurement of energy is the joule, a unit of energy / work, and the relationship of resistance and dissipating heat, both got his name in Joule and Joule's law. BSB Conservation education online Science: chemistry, biology education on the internet: Learn to understand Earth's environment: Work with us to keep many countries on Earth beautiful. In all countries a better updated nature education is needed, why so many wild fires, basis of understanding life. Better informed industry leaders can raise profits with green technology. High energy demand by outdated energy production facilities + low conservation efforts combined with low nature education levels lead to environmental disasters. Online classes can raise low nature education knowledge resulting better managing of high pollution, high water waste, low water quality, small-scale understanding of natural connections, science based nature education is needed. Understanding of greenhouse gases, but misses to show the connections between all countries, how all life on Earth is connected. To understand Earth's natural environment we need to learn and study. earth is our only home, the blue planet we need to survive - Nature education on air. The blue planet once had good air we need to survive - air is life, earth's sky looks blue because of air pollution. Environmental news to protect air + water + soil + food. many members from Germany have asked BSB Conservation education officers for an energy audit to reduce air pollution + greenhouse gases, to save money. Bear Springs Blossom research published in these news helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future to have a better life. Learn to understand Earth's environment: affordable education is offered by our education portal, where we explain: What is education, and why is an updated education very important for a safe life. We explain nature, give nature quotes, offer educational advice on the question: What is nature, how to keep beautiful nature, and why the balance of nature is so important! International nature education is the task of BSB to provide environmental education. Conservation trough education is important. Continuing education is very important to have a better life, the basis of understanding life, to better survive the changing future
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Earth news by Bear Springs Blossom are global news - information about human life on Earth. News that are updated, accurate, not manipulated, just the latest news, no fake. World news because we all need to live on this one planet, international news with conservation news headlines. Conservation of Earth is only possible with an updated nature education. Nature conservation to protect the future of humans is our goal. Education prepares, helps humans to survive. Bear Springs Blossom Earth news provide information to update your conservation education which can reduce the impact of climate change, can give people a happier life, can people give a more secure future
".. Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. Albert Einstein "
Nobel Prize Winner
Albert Einstein
1879 - 1955

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Bear Springs Blossom nature education will answer your questions. If you do not find the nature information you are looking for, act now, show your intelligence, send us your environmental questions and we will reply as soon as possible. Frequently asked questions from our users will help us determine where more nature information is needed and thereby allowing us to update our 1000+ web-pages. Updated education equals a better more secure life
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Energy Audit

Just check your home for 'energy waste...'
Check how much money can be saved with an Energy Audit
Lower your electricity bill!
More money in your pocket always helps!
An Energy Audit helps you to live a more sustainable life

When your bill is too high, do the following Energy Audit:

1) Insulation and Duct-work
Check your attic
Is the insulation spread evenly?
Check how your insulation looks like
Is is as high as it was in the beginning?
Or is it not adjusted to today's higher standards?
Adding insulation in the attic is a very good investment!
Your invested money flows back to you right after you have improved your insulation.
Before you leave the attic check if your access door is properly insulated and sealed!
If your home is a few decades old, your wall insulation is not very thick
Think about adding insulation on the outside walls

Check how your floor is insulated.
Check if your duct-work is intact, insulated and sealed.
Check if your hot water pipes are insulated.
With no insulation on your water pipes a lot of energy is lost
you get water with lower temperatures,
you need to run the water much longer before it gets warm.
Check if your water heater is insulated.
If not, any kind of insulation helps, even a blanket or two

2) Heating and Cooling
Check if your air supply vents are unblocked.
Change the filter in your return-air register,
a better airflow saves you money!
Check how your thermostat is set,
every degree higher in summer or lower in winter saves you
a lot of energy = money = less pollution = better health!

3) Air infiltration
Air leaks cost you money summer and winter
Check if windows close properly
Check if your doors are properly weatherstripped.
Check for leaks in around your doors and windows,
especially if you have AC window units.
Very often the sealing around them is really bad.
That costs you a lot of money!
Check if plumbing and wiring openings are sealed.
If you feel and air flow, that your money flying away!

If you have single pane windows, a lot of energy warmth
in the winter, coolness in the summer is moving into Nature!
Replacing single pane to double pane windows
reduces you electricity bill in a big way!

BSB conservation education online: an energy audit check your home for energy waste. Energy audits cost money, but save you much more money. An energy audit gives you the information where the energy leaks are, where you can save energy. An Energy Audit is a must for every Nature conservationist
4) Appliances + Lightning
Check your refrigerator condenser
Check if your refrigerator gasket is tight
Check if un-used appliances are unplugged
Check the temperature of your water heater
If it is above 12o F you should lower it
Check if your dishwasher has an energy savings feature
Check how much water your washing machine is using
and if you could lower the water temperature
Check your well pump for leaks
Listen and hear how often it is running
Don't buy these energy wasting old fashioned light-bulbs
Look for CFLs or LED bulbs
They last much longer and use much less energy
Don't run your outdoor lighting all the time
It is wasted energy and helps a burglar to find his way
Much better is motion triggered lighting
It reduces energy usage and shocks the bad boys

In case, money savings are not important to you there is another reason. Over half of our electricity is produced by coal fired power plants. The old coal plants produce huge amounts of air pollution, put a lot of mercury in the air, pollute our drinking water and the ash after burning the coal is highly toxic too.
So, if you care are better air quality, a saver future for your kids, please do the Energy Audit!

If you need help, send us an email!

When you know more about our Earth
You and your children will have a better life.
When you know more about the coming changes and challenges, you will be prepared, and know how to save money!

We inform our members, give tips how to save money!

Our most important task is to help our members.

Work with
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation
Education, personal, online, distant learning

Members of Bear Springs Blossom are volunteers
Work with us and update your conservation education

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Philosophy education: Does the law of nature change human brains? positively negatively? Learning new topics requires an open mind, knowledge to build on, the ability to ask why, where, how, open to environmental personal responsibility
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