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Fall Colors - Autumn colors

Bear Springs Blossom Conservation education online: every fall or autumn trees let their leaves fall after humans could enjoy very different fall colors,oak leaves color in red, cherries in yellow, others in brown, fall or autumn has many colors or colours
Isn't it beautiful to see all the colors of autumn leaves?

Why and how do leaves change color in fall?

Why does an oak leaf turn red/brown? Where do the yellows + oranges come from?

Leaves are Nature's great invention.
Plants take water from the ground through their roots.
Leaves take carbon dioxide = CO2 from the air.
Then plants use the sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into glucose - a special sugar.
Glucose is food for many living beings, used for energy and as building material to grow.

The process of turning water and carbon dioxide = CO2 into sugar is called
Translated: "putting together with light"

Plants and some animals use
photosynthesis seen on a sunflower, taking the light, producing glukose, leaves and flowers . nature education explains on scientific terms how Nature works - science education
to make photosynthesis happen.
Chlorophyll is what gives plants their green color.

BSB science education Botany: in autumn = fall less light is provided. Chlorophyll disappears and leaves are coloring. showing all the underlaying colors

Light gets shorter as summer ends and autumn comes,
giving a signal to the trees and plants
to prepare for winter.

Photosynthesis needs light.
If there isn't enough trees will rest,
lower their metabolism using the food
stored during the summer.
autumn or fall is beautiful at our Nature preserve. Yellow leaves in autumn at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve where nature education courses explain fall colors
Less light and photosynthesis isn't working -
so the green chlorophyll disappears from the leaves.
As the bright green fades away,
brown, red, yellow and orange colors are shown.
These colors have been in the leaves all year long.
But the green chlorophyll covered them up.

red leaves of Spanish oak at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve where nature education classes explain fall colors
Spanish oak with fall colors

Red and purple coloring is produced in fall
when glucose is trapped in the leaves.
Sunlight and the cool nights of fall
are turning this glucose into a red color.
The brown color of trees is made from wastes left in the leaves.

So, you see there is a wonderful plan for all life on Earth.
For thousands of years humans try to understand these wonders.

Our organization
Bear Springs Blossom
Nature Conservation
provides you with insight, with facts.
Knowledge makes life easier.

Monarch butterflies migrate in fall autumn to Mexico. Butterflies find food during their migration in fall on Evergreen Sumac blossoms at BSB nature preserve
Evergreen Sumac blooming in fall to provide
migrating Monarch butterflies with food

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fall walk on nature trail in the Texas Hill Country fall colored oaks, fall colored cherries

Trails at Bear Springs Blossom
nature education trail at Nature Preserve This is Bear Springs Blossom Main Trail, easy to walk - with many places to rest and enjoy Nature
Big Rock trail North Upper part of our Big Rock Trail - parts are steep
Damianita shrub at Fossil trail Chrysactinia mexicana - Damianita
strongly scented shrub - blooms June to October
Buckeye shrub at loop trail Mexican buckeye loop 
View at Medina lake Great-View-Trail, a wonderful trail,
but you should be fit to walk it 
Chainsaw valley trail Chainsaw valley trail, some people gave
their blood while working on it .. 
Willow canyon trail Black willow trail - just a start
Hill top trail The upper part of our Golden cheeked Warbler habitat - Hill top trail;
oak leaves change colors in fall The lower part of our Golden cheeked Warbler habitats 
Robin singing in late fall A Robin praising Nature  
Madrone blooming in Spring The home of the Madrones is the
TX Hill Country - you can see over 150 at
Bear Springs Blossom
Creekbed trail Every rain changes our Creek bed trail
The creek bed was built by the Pipe Creek a long time ago
big rock trail bench View up to parkbench at Big rock trail
BSB canyon Nature .. protected forever ...
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Think about and see how wonderful our Earth was created...

Live in Harmony with Nature + learn to understand Nature!

BSB director of education science Biology class online: fall or autumn walk through color changing leaves, resting Nature, fall colors in limestone slopes

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