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Native Americans arrowheads

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arrowhead form native Americans Comanche and times before these tribes found North of San Antonio Texas
On our 1000+ web-pages we just try to give you a glimpse.
On this site you will hear about Native American living often along creeks and rivers

Long before the White Man started to live in the North American continent
Native Americans with many tribes settled, traveled and hunted

About 8000 b.c. native American tribes were roaming in Texas.
Today we know about the Jumano Indians, the Pueblo Indians and Apache tribes in the Texas area. At least 1000 years ago Apache tribes arrived in the South West. The Navajo people, who were the most numerous of the 7 major Apachean groups, was one of the bigger groups.
Later the Comanches moved down from Wyoming, building a separate tribe out of the Shoshone Indians. In the early 1700s Comanches were seen in the Texas panhandle and in New Mexico.
Native American as the Comanche and Apache lived in Central Texas, camped along creek sites, using arrow and bow to hunt. Many arrowheads can be found in the Central Texas area
Comanche and Lipan Apache were hunting in the
area of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve,
camping along the Bear Springs Creek,
hunting deer, birds, bear, buffalo and mountain lion.

Look at the difference of all these arrowheads
Imagine how long it took to make them
And how difficult and dangerous it was to hunt with these ancient hunting tools!

Can YOU tell us more about these arrowheads?
Please help us gaining more knowledge and a better understanding!

arrow head three found north of San Antonio Texas
We were told that this tiny arrow head was used for bird hunting

Texas history conserved: arrow head four found north of San Antonio Texas

conserved arrow head eight found north of San Antonio Texas

arrow head ten found north of San Antonio Texas

Conservation of history: arrow head twelve found north of San Antonio Texas

Conservation education online by Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation: arrow head fourteen found north of San Antonio Texas

conserved arrow head sixteen found north of San Antonio Texas

arrow head eighteen found north of San Antonio Texas

arrow head big  for buffalo hunting found a few miles north of San Antonio Texas
arrow head four found north of San Antonio Texas
The big stone heads were not used on an arrow, but on a long wooden stick
to hunt big animals.

Bear Springs Blossom conservation education history hunting with arrowheads. The oldest man made arrowheads are 15000 years old conservation education history hunting with clovis point. The oldest man made stone heads are 13500 years old clovis points used by the Clovis people. They date to the Paleoindian period around 13,500 years ago. Clovis fluted points are named after the city of Clovis, New Mexico, where examples were first found in 1929. This Clovis is a medium to large lanceolate point. Sides are parallel to convex, and exhibit careful pressure flaking along the blade edge. The broadest area is near the midsection or toward the base. The base is distinctly concave with a characteristic flute or channel flake removed from one or, more commonly, both surfaces of the blade. The lower edges of the blade and base are ground to dull edges for hafting. Clovis points also tend to be thicker than the typically thin latter stage Folsom points. Length: 420 cm = 1.58 in. Width: 2.55 cm = 12 inches
The oldest dated Native American made arrowheads are about 15000 years old

American history needs objective education: Comanches were one big tribe in the Texas area
buffalo, bear and coyote.

BSB Science history online: Albert Einstein knew and stated that education is the most important task for a human. Look deep into Nature and you will understand everything better. Conservation education in its best
BSB Conservation education online: nature is beautiful at the pond of Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve, with water life, fish, hydra, amoeba, Daphnia, dragon flies. Nature education explain why nature conservation is so important
Creeks and springs were always a meeting point for native people.
We know that once the Bear Springs Creek was filling this pond, and native Americans have gotten their water at the spring, smoking the peace pipe giving Pipe Creek its today's name?
Food could be hunted here, fish and white tail deer
Long, long before the first settlers came to Texas
Native Americans were sitting around this pond.
The flint stone pieces found close by were the ideal raw material to work on arrow heads.

It is important to protect Nature!
Humans are part of Nature!
Nature Conservation protects plants, animals and humans!!

Work with us to protect Nature
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation + Education

Mexico environmental problems include not enough affordable nature conservation education to expand food production - Spain offers to little conservation education courses

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Philosophy education: Does the law of nature change human brains? positively negatively? Learning new topics requires an open mind, knowledge to build on, the ability to ask why, where, how, open to environmental personal responsibility
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