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About BSB - Contact BSB Bear Springs Blossom news are global news. News that are updated, accurate, not manipulated, just the latest news. World news because we all need to live on this one planet, international news with conservation news headlines. Conservation of Earth is only possible with an updated nature education. Nature conservation to protect the future of humans is our goal. BSB Earth news provide information to update your conservation education which can reduce the impact of climate change, can give people a happier life, can people give a more secure future
BSB still learns about the law of Nature, studying Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Immanuel Kant, German  philosopher, educator. Understanding of natural connections lead to more freedom, do a better way of life.  Online classes can raise low nature education knowledge resulting better managing of high pollution, high water waste, low water quality, small-scale understanding of natural connections, science based nature education is needed. Understanding of greenhouse gases, but misses to show the connections between all countries, how all life on Earth is connected. To understand Earth's natural environment we need to learn and study. earth is our only home, the blue planet we need to survive - Nature education on air. Earth has an atmosphere, the only home for humans. Thinking in all directions is important to see the whole picture, try to think 360 degrees. BSB members like to look at problems from all directions. 360 degree thinking helps to see the big picture. BSB Conservation education Philosophy online: Laws of nature, binding, the highest good, guaranteeing the most freedom. News on environmental changes in oceans worldwide hint to the coming changes for humans. Nature conservation news tells you about Earth' environment. Environmental news to protect air + water + soil + food. Online distance learning Global issue Philosophy: Laws of nature have helped humans to have their personal freedoms. Population growth without a moral law, without ethics will bring us famine, lawlessness and destruction. Earth's spheres unbalanced. Conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection through affordable conservation education online to keep nature beautiful. BSB-research + how to keep Nature beautiful + how to secure our future + how to have a better life! BSB helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future to have a better life!

Immanuel Kant

Kant in Germany's constitution was influenced by the American constitution. Immanuel Kant one of the greatest German philosophers published his book in 1783 to 1804. He believed in the law of nature. Online learning facilities, universities should teach more about the law of nature

"Pure reason is practical of itself alone
and gives (to man) a universal law
which we call the moral law..."

"Morality is not the doctrine of
how we may make ourselves happy,
but how we may make ourselves
worthy of happiness!"
History education online: Signature Immanuel Kant philosopher, teacher, professor, educator BSB Science Philosophy conservation education online: portrait Immanuel Kant, German  philosopher, educator

Immanuel Kant grew up in
Koenigsberg, East Prussia
He received a stern education
strict, punitive, and disciplinary
learned Latin early, and got
strong religious instructions.
His first school was the
Collegium Fredericianum, later he
enrolled at the University of Koenigsberg
where he studied Theology, Philosophy,
natural science, physics, and mathematics
Immanuel Kant
Born: April 22, 1724
in Koenigsberg
Capital of East Prussia
Died: Feb. 12, 1804
in Koenigsberg
His father was a craftsman
Kant's birthplace in Koenigsberg - German Philosophy - education online: Age of enlightenment ideas helped to create the constitution of the United States of America and the bill of rights
Birthplace Immanuel Kant

"All the preparations of reason, therefore, in what may be called pure philosophy, are in reality directed to those three problems only:
God, the soul, and freedom.
However, these three elements in themselves still hold independent, proportional, objective weight individually. Moreover, in a collective relational context; namely, to know what ought to be done: if the will is free, if there is a God, and if there is a future world. As this concerns our actions with reference to the highest aims of life, we see that the ultimate intention of nature in her wise provision was really, in the constitution of our reason, directed to moral interests only."
Kant stated: "If one cannot prove that a thing is, he may try to prove that it is not. And if he succeeds in doing neither (as often occurs), he may still ask whether it is in his interest to accept one or the other of the alternatives hypothetically, from the theoretical or the practical point of view. Hence the question no longer is as to whether perpetual peace is a real thing or not a real thing, or as to whether we may not be deceiving ourselves when we adopt the former alternative, but we must act on the supposition of its being real."
The presupposition of God, soul, and freedom was then a practical concern, for "Morality, by itself, constitutes a system, but happiness does not, unless it is distributed in exact proportion to morality. This, however, is possible in an intelligible world only under a wise author and ruler. Reason compels us to admit such a ruler, together with life in such a world, which we must consider as future like, or else all moral laws are to be considered as idle dreams."
Kant argued that "a good will is one that acts from duty in accordance with the universal moral law" that the autonomous human being freely gives itself.

Kant wrote more on this important theory in his book "The Critique of Pure Reason", which has often been cited as the most significant volume of metaphysics and epistemology in modern philosophy.
During his long life Immanuel Kant said many wise words. Kant saying can fill a booklet

Immanuel Kant developed his moral philosophy in three works:
Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals in 1785
Critique of Practical Reason in 1787
Metaphysics of Morals in 1797

Listen to the first words of
'What is enlightenment'

In the Groundwork, Kant's method involves trying to convert our everyday, obvious, rational knowledge of morality into philosophical knowledge. The latter two works followed a method of using "practical reason" , which is based only upon things about which reason can tell us, and not deriving any principles from experience, to reach conclusions which are able to be applied to the world of experience (in the second part of The Metaphysic of Morals).
Kant is known for his theory that there is a single moral obligation, which he called the "Categorical Imperative", and is derived from the concept of duty.
Kant defines the demands of the moral law as "categorical imperatives."
"Categorical imperatives are principles that are intrinsically valid; they are good in and of themselves. They must be obeyed in all situations and circumstances if our behavior is to observe the moral law."
"From the Categorical Imperative all other moral obligations are generated, and by which all moral obligations can be tested."
Kant believed that the moral law is a principle of reason itself, and is not based on contingent facts about the world, such as what would make us happy, but to act upon the moral law which has no other motive than "worthiness of being happy". Moral obligation applies to all and only rational agents.

Kant believed that if an action is not done with the motive of duty, then it is without moral value. He thought that every action should have pure intention behind it; otherwise it was meaningless. He didn't necessarily believe that the final result was the most important aspect of an action, but that how the person felt while carrying out the action was the time at which value was set to the result.

"Always act according to that maxim whose universality as a law you can at the same time will"
"So act as if your maxims should serve at the same time as the universal law (of all rational beings)"

Political philosophy of Immanuel Kant listed several conditions that he thought necessary for ending wars and creating a lasting peace, only possible in a world of constitutional republics. Kant thought long about democracy, and came to the conclusion that a direct democracy, would posed a threat to individual liberty. He stated: "Democracy is, properly speaking, necessarily a despotism, because it establishes an executive power in which 'all' decide for or even against one who does not agree; that is, 'all', who are not quite all, decide, and this is a contradiction of the general will with itself and with freedom."

Kant was not able to think that people who pledged to serve their country, would just look for power, or money!
In Kant's brain clear rules guided him through life. One of them he cited very often:
"Live your life as though your every act were to become a universal law."
"...only the ideal of morality and the universalization of refined value through the improvement of the mind of man belongs to culture.
Immanuel Kant
"Law And Freedom without Violence (Anarchy)
Law And Violence without Freedom (Despotism)
Violence without Freedom And Law (Barbarism)
Violence with Freedom And Law (Republic)"
Immanuel Kant at a different age
"Enlightenment is man's leaving his self-caused immaturity. Immaturity is the incapacity to use one's intelligence without the guidance of another. Such immaturity is self-caused if it is not caused by lack of intelligence, but by lack of determination and courage to use one's intelligence without being guided by another. Sapere Aude! Have the courage to use your own intelligence! is therefore the motto of the enlightenment..." Immanuel Kant - Critique of Pure Reason

"Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me. I do not seek or conjecture either of them as if they were veiled obscurities or extravagances beyond the horizon of my vision; I see them before me and connect them immediately with the consciousness of my existence."
Immanuel Kant

"Laziness and cowardice explain why so many men. . . remain under a life-long tutelage and why it is so easy for some men to set themselves up as the guardians of all the rest. . . If I have a book which understands for me, a pastor who has a conscience for me, a doctor who decides my diet, I need not trouble myself. If I am willing to pay, I need not think. Others will do it for me."
History education online: Signature Immanuel Kant philosopher, teacher, professor, educator

"If justice is disappearing, there is no value in the existence of men on Earth"
Immanuel Kant
postage stamp with the portrait of Immanuel Kant Think about: A lot of the freedom Americans have faced in their country is based on the thoughts of many enlightened men
Immanuel Kant has written his famous books over 2 centuries ago!
BSB provides information, helps to save money, to stay healthy, to have a better life!

BSB offers speeches to give you the feeling, to give you the imagination, how wonderful it would be to get Earth in a natural balance again!
Speech on Philosophy

"Not to know what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.
For what is the worth of human life, unless
it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?"

Outdated education is the most pervasive threat to the Earth today.

We have tried to give you a little glimpse of one of the German philosophers
Immanuel Kant was part of the "Age of Enlightenment", a time when knowledge and understanding was highest priority.

When I read the thoughts of these famous men that lived centuries ago, I often wonder why these values, why this kind of moral thinking is very scarcely found today? Maybe responsibility is not convenient anymore?
"Responsibility is born when the love, the feeling of responsibility for others
grows stronger than the love for yourself."
Peter Bonenberger

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